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#29 - Child Labor

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Child Labor - #29

Trunk #29

Supplies for assembly line activity:

  • Plastic tub of beads
  • Plastic tub of price tags
  • Plastic tub of colored plastic strips
  • 12 small butter tubs
  • 3 larger plastic trays


  • Wooden loom with red yarn
  • Coal in plastic jar
  • Five doilies
  • Eight Two cotton bolls from Lowell National historic park seashells
  • Weave room sampler of 4 pieces of cloth from Lowell National Historic Park
  • Two cotton balls from Lowell National Historical Park
  • Five wooden bobbins
  • VCR tape of “America & Lewis Hine”
  • Nine laminated photos
  • 27 Lewis Hine photographs on tagboard

“Child Labor Then and Now” unit plan notebook

  • Lesson One: Introduction to Child Labor
  • Lesson Two: Through the Lens of Lewis Hine
  • Lesson Three: Child Labor Today


  • Growing Up in Coal Country by Susan Campbell Bartoletti
  • The Bobbin Girl by Emily Arnold McCully
  • Kids at Work: Lewis Hine and the Crusade against Child Labor by Russell Freedman
  • Kids on Strike! Susan Campbell Bartoletti
  • Triangle: The Fire That Changed America by David Von Drehle
  • Places in Time: A New Atlas of American History – Elspeth Leacock and Susan Buckley
  • Five issues of “the Youth’s Companion” (1891and 1899)
  • Junior Ranger Gazette Volume 3 summer 2008
  • Lowell Offering – official newspaper of Lowell National Historical Park
  • “The Ten-Hour Movement- Women and the Early Labor Movement” –teachers guide

Other primary sources:

  • Consumers League of New York brochure on White List of candy factories
  • Illinois child labor law- draft 1903
  • Three Little Blue Books by E. Haldeman-Julius
  • Yellow Unit Notebook with lessons on “Socialism in America”
  • 25 laminated photos of early 20th century life
  • “Examining Child Labor through Children’s Literature and Primary Source Documents”
  • Class handouts:
  • “Where was my shirt made?”
  • Lewis Hines’ photographs Venn diagram
  • 2 sets of photos
  • Country of origin bar graph


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