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#12B - Daniel Boone

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Daniel Boone - #12B

#12B Daniel Boone


Daniel Boone:  The Life and Legend of An American Pioneer by John Mack Faragher

Daniel Boone Young Hunter and Tracker by Augusta Stevenson (old and new copy) 

Daniel Boone and the Wilderness Road  by Catherine Chambers
Daniel Boone His Own Story and the Adventures of Daniel Boone: The Kentucky Rifleman by Francis Lister Hawks

Nathan Boone the Neglected Hero by Lucile Morris Upton and John K. Huston

My Father, Daniel Boone: The Draper Interviews with Nathan Boone

Searching for Nathan Boone by Donald Silver

A Young Person’s History of Daniel Boone by Carolyn Lott

Belle by Dakota Russell

Nathan Boone and the American Frontier by R. Douglas Hurt

Boone by Robert Morgan

Leveid book P - Daniel Boone


Two rabbit pelts

Fox head
Raccoon tail

Elk leather
Rawhide (dog bone)

Whitetail deer tail

Deer antler

Daniel Boone doll

Coonskin cap

CD of Daniel Boone videos-TV show theme and 1950's cartoon

Boonesborough video

Daniel Boone TV show video

Daniel Boone outfit:

 Breechcloth (navy material) and belt
 Long shirt
 2 Leather Leggings

 Buffalo teeth necklace

 Small leather pouches(4)

Powder horn

Cotton “possibles” bag:

 Pouch with flint and steel   

Pouch with wadding and lead balls
 American long rifle (miniature version)
 The Holy Bible and Gulliver's Travels (mock versions)
 Vermillion in small glass jar (really red sand) 
 Lye soap
 Trading mirror
 Quill pen
 Powdereed ink package


Teaching items:

The Boone Family, 1700-1850: A Teacher’s Guide

Black construction paper labels for trunk item display

White binder of facsimiles and documents

White binder of historical trunk items explanations

Newpaper in Education page on Daniel Boone

Educator’s Guides to the book, Belle and the Nathan Boone Homestead Historic Site

Blue lesson plan notebook

2 wooden bookstands


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