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#1 - The Gilded Age: Rebels and Reformers

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The Gilded Age: Rebels and Reformers - #1

The Gilded Age


1. “The Progressive Years, 1898-1917” Teaching unit kit. Contributed by Powers Museum
2. Learning Centers Kits: (Boxes with question cards and artifacts to introduce students to life during the Gilded Age/Progressive Era)
3. Inventions
4. Music
5. Labor/Misc Reform Movements
1. The Progressive Years 1898-1917 Teachers’ Guide. National Archives Trust Fund Board; ABC-CLIO, Inc. Santa Barbara, CA
2. Women’s Suffrage, 1820s-1990s. Instructional Fair/TS Denison, Grand Rapids, MI1998.
3. The Gilded Age. Instructional Fair/TS Denison, Grand Rapids, MI1998
4. The 20th Century, 1900-1909. Teacher Created Materials, Inc. Westminster, CA 2000
5. (2) Children at the Hearth: 19th Century Cooking, Manners, & Games Barbara Swell.Native Ground Music, Inc 1999.
6. (2) Behold Our New Century:Early 20th Century Visions of America The Great Plains Chautauqua Society, Inc 1998
7. (2) The Historian’sWizard of Oz.Praeger Publishers, 2002
8. Rag Time Rarities, Complete Original Music for 63 Piano Rags. Dover Publications, Inc. 1975.
9. Rag Time Gems, Original sheet Music for 25 Ragtime Classics. Dover Publications, Inc. 1986.

1. The Gilded Age: (2) C.S.White Scrapbooks; “Granger Melodies” book; CD/power point-”The Gilded Age: the Upside and The Underside” by Jeanne Sneddon; Little Blue Books #s 233,821,816,777,679,815,895; Accordion-fold book of pictures; and question card.
2. Valentines: Question card; 5 Valentine cards; Six Old-time Holiday Cards; Six Old-time Thanksgiving Cards; 2 booklets of Old-Time Mini Holiday Stickers.
3. Campaign Buttons: Question card; 5 buttons in a box; 2 explanation sheets; 2 “People’s Party Campaign Hand Book, 1898”.
4. Medicines and Remedies: 3 boxes with misc. advertisements for medicines/remedies for the Era; 1 glass “Bitters” bottle; “Consumption” remedy in paper bag.
5. “The Dating Game” – Conduct for Ladies and Gentlemen: Question cards for the following: “The Language of Love” with misc. fruit and flowers to illustrate; “Parasol Flirtations” with parasol; “Fan Flirtations” with fan;”Glove Flirtations” with small white gloves; “Handkerchief Flirtations” with 2 handkerchiefs; Beaded Bag;
6. 3 gift bags with circa pictures/motif
7. Inventions: Thinkquest sheet- inventions; Food History timeline:20th Century Edibles & Quaffables;”When Monopoly Wasn’ta Game”; “Wizard of Oz” question sheet with photos, 2 copies of the movie in video format; 2 Uneeda Biscuit tins; 1 Baby Ruth tin;1 Coca-Cola miniature tray; old-time cane Rug Beater;
8. Music: Box with misc postcards of circa songs with explanation; musical CDs: (2 copies) “Rag Times 2”, (2 copies)”A Handful of Rags”, “Stars and Stripes Forever”; “red, White and Blue, the best of John Philip Sousa”, question card for CDs; (2 copies) “The People’s Songster”; (2 copies) “Songs of Socialism”; ”Granger Melodies”; 9 small ad posters for misc musical venues.
9. Photo Activity (in decorative box)- Activity card

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