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#40 - The Bill of Rights "Rocks my World"

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The Bill of Rights Rocks My World - #40

The Bill of Rights Rocks My World #40


Thomas Jefferson Human Be’an Collectible Doll


Teacher’s unit notebook in three-ring notebook


Artifacts and Documents:

500 piece jigsaw puzzle “The Constitution – activity

Packet A and packet B – Colonial & Revolutionary currency

Four documents of Freedom packet- Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, Gettysburg Address

Virginia Declaration of Rights (7 copies)

Primary source documents laminated for Lesson 1 from National Archives

Quill and ink bottle

George Mason doll

Benjamin Franklin talking action figure

Thomas Jefferson Human Be’an Collectible doll

Sugar cone

Plexiglas document holder

Giant copy Bill of Rights

Spinning wheel on Presidents of the United States



12 poster set of Founding Fathers\

Revolutionary War Era timeline laminated

John Trunbull laminated poster of Declaration of Independence

Newspaper in Education page on the U.S, Constitution laminated

Celebrate the Constitution laminated poster



Monticello DVD

Colonial & Revolution Songs- 2 CD set



We Hold These Truth…by Paul Aron

John, Paul, George and Ben by Lane Smith

Colonial Kids: An Activity Guide to Life in the New World

The Bill of Rights and You: Rights and Responsibilities- book with 2 CDs

“I’m Not Signing That!” George Mason Stands Up for the United States Bill of Rights by young co-authors

Colonial Life by Bobbie Kalman

Children’s Life in Colonial America edited by Thomas Newport, 2004

Founders and the Constitution Volumes I and II

Presidents of the United States – Edition of Time for Kids, 2006

The Bill of Rights by Karen Price Hossell, 2004

Cobblestone magazine September, 1982, “The Constitution of the United States”

Thomas Jefferson: His Words and Vision, edited by Nick Beilenson, 1986

Benjamin Franklin: Wit and Wisdom, 1998

The Book of Founding Fathers by Vincent Wilson Jr., 1979

Jefferson and Monroe: Constant Friendship and Respect by Noble E. Cunningham, 2003

Thomas Jefferson by Judy Emerson, 2004

Our Supreme Court: A History with 14 Activities by Richard Panchyk, 2007

If You Lived in Williamsburg in Colonial Days by Barbara Brenner

I Grew up to be President by Laurie Calkhaven

The Bill of Rights for Real Life- Bill of Rights Institute with 2 CDs


Gunston Hall teachers’ packet

The Bill of Rights Institute teacher’s packet

The National Archives teacher’s packet

Monticello: A Guide for visitors

Founding Fathers, a book of postcards



Sacco and Vanzetti

Supreme Court

Regional Archives Central Plains

Harry S Truman Library and Museum


National Archives



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