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#13B - Native Americans (Trunk 2)

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Native Americans #2 - #13B

Native Americans #2





Leather drumsticks (2)

Wooden tomahawk

Birchbark basket

Plastic canoe

Clay Navajo jar

Powder horn

Turtle shell

Rabbit pelt

Kachina doll

Mini ears of corn (2)



black bead necklace

white bead necklace

leather vest

leather leggings

breechcloth (black cotton)

breechcloth (black felt with red trim)

red ribbon skirt

red leggings with yellow ribbon ties

red checked blouse

Brown suede fringed skirt

Leather belt







Native American History for Kids with 21 Activities by Karen Bush Gibson

Tools of the Native Americans by Kim Kavin

Atlas of the North American Indian – Carl Waldman

The Trail of Tears – Joseph Bruchac (3 copies)

Buffalo Before Breakfast – Mary Pope Osborne

Encounter – Jane Yolen

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses- Paul Goble

Arrow to the Sun – Gerald McDermott

The Rough-Face Girl – Martin and Shannon

Native Americans: Village Life, Daily Activities, Arts and Crafts workbook

If You Lived with the Indians of the Northwest Coast – Anne Kamma

If You Lived with the Iroquois – Ellen Levine

Totem Poles – Jennifer Frantz

Dreamcatcher – Audrey Osofsky

If You Lived with the Hopis – Anne Kamma

Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes – Carl Waldman

Native Crafts – Maxine Trottier

Traditional Native American Arts and Activities – Arlette N. Braman

More Than Moccasins – Laurie Carlson

Native American Crafts and Skills – David Montgomery

Come Look With Me – Stephanie Salomon

The Native American Book of Knowledge -  White Deer of Autumn

Track Finder – Dorcas Miller

Indian Sign Language – William Tomkins

A Braid of Lives- Native American Childhood

Missouri Native Americans – Carole Marsh

We have a Story to Tell – Smithsonian

Hawk, I’m Your Brother by Byrd Baylor

Encyclopedia of the North American Indian by James Ciment

Indians of the Northeast Coast  (Cobblestone)

American Indian Games by Jay Miller

The First Americans  (comic book)




Blue notebook with activities and uses of the buffalo

Laminated poster of Sioux Winter Count

Bag of markers

Brown paper and instructions to make Winter Count

8 Yellow laminated posters of tribes



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